Friday, December 11, 2009


It's been a great week for me..Beberapa perkara flew me higher but still there's some pushed me down..lebih tepat mengingatkan kite yg kite semua manusia biasa..Wah tiba2 ni..huhuhu...Jgn tanya kenapa but one thing for sure 'kerajinan' tu ada so that it post..hiks..

Ok lets start..ayo mat getset go..firstly..i feel blessed been given chances to stand up proudly..Result? yes2..that would definitely be on top..I'm blessed for everything i've gone through, this is the time when God creates smile in my face..Syukur.. Not end this MBA up with flying colors but still it can be ranked as satisfied for someone who's learning kan..:) .. but it's a beginninng of one journey isn't? Long way to go, many things to learn for sure..Yeah i'm ready for run as fast as i could, to fly as high i could.. no one can stop me to bring joy in my life..Keep faith! That would probably be the master key..

Second, patiently waiting for one greatest thing in life..every single minutes will be fulfilled with doa for dream to be true..Hopefully..That's another part of it..

But as said, despite having and celebrating this happiness, ada juga kwn2 yg dlm kesusahan..n this simply reminds me of everything i felt..Meletakkan diri untuk berada dlm situasi orang lain akan buat kite rasa sungguh kerdil la dgn kuasa tuhan kan..Jd moral of the story nye.. apa sahaja kegembiraan yg ada perhaps will stay only for short term but sadness will give u scar if u keep avoiding to heal it..Hardship, sadness simply pushes us down but our faith will escalate u back to stand on top as long as we believes that there's still lights at the end of our journey..:)..

P/s : Kdg2 to terlebih rajin mcm nak buat novel..P..daaa