Friday, February 13, 2009


1. Conscious breathing

If your daily activities put you in a stressful and overwhelming state, pause in between and make a conscious effort to breath deeply. It is the easiest and least time consuming way to de-stress and put you at ease.

2. StretchStretching relaxes tense muscles. Stretch after exercise, at work, upon waking up and before you go to bed . If your job takes a lot of sitting down and having to face the computer all day, you need to stretch regularly to avoid aches and strains.

3. Exercise
Exercise and physical activities reduce stress and release built up emotions. Brisk walking about 30 minutes a day is a relaxing activity. It is a known fact that exercising promotes physical and mental health.

. Get sufficient sleep
It doesn't matter how long you sleep. What's important is that you get sufficient amount. In order to have undisturbed sleep, avoid caffeine related drinks, heavy meals and worrying prior to it.

. Pamper yourself
Once a week, pamper yourself and relax with body or foot massage. You can also pamper yourself at home by dipping yourself in the bathtub, with soft music, soothing atmosphere, scented candles and essential oils.


Nancy Edison said...

baguslah tips ko ni. tp part yg ke 5 tu. umah kolam umah aku x muatlah nak berendam. hua...hua..hua...nak berendam kt kolam kt umah auntie malu pulak....

LIZA said...

wakakaka..ko mmg..badan kecik tp nk kolam size xxl je..hahaha..xpe2 nnt kite g berendam kt pool umah auntie tu..