Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Accepting Yourself Unconditionally

Many of us regard ourselves as being inadequate & unlovable due to negative conditioning during our childhood, unrealistic expectations & negative belief. Take heed that self acceptance is the foundation of self esteem.

What is self acceptance?
Self acceptance is essentially loving ourselves while acknowledging our shortcomings or limitations. Simply put, it's accepting ourselves unconditionally. It is also involves accepting what we cannot change.

Importance of self acceptance
1) Facilitates change & personal growth.
2) A step towards self responsibility. Before you can take charge of your life, you need to be at peace with yourself.

Accepting yourself as you are

1) Each one of us is unique. All of us have a distinctive talents. Similarly we are also inferior in some way to others. Hence, strive for our own personal best.
2) Don't make a comparison with others. You are you. Hence stop thinking of being someone else & start loving yourself.

3) Learn to accept limitations in yourself. Never expect to be a perfect human being as nothing in life is perfect.

1) Stand in front of a full length mirror in good lighting
2) Take off your clothes & focus on your body
3) See your image in the mirror from all angles. Continue doing it despite feeling some sense of embarrassment
4) Stay focused on your image in the mirror & tell your self. "Right now, this is me. I will improve my self physical appearance & accept whatever imperfections that are beyond my control.
5) Keep on repeating these words a few times.
6) Notice that you slowly begin to accept reality & to forge a more congenial relationship with yourself.
7) To ensure longer lasting impact, continue doing this mirror exercise for about 1-2 weeks.

source: Ranjit Singh Malhi, Enhancing Personal Quality