Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lagi Tag dr Riana..

Aloha..since cuti ni rajin plak aku menjwb tag..xpe dr masa ala2 terbuang je..bagus gak dpt tag ni..huhu..thanks to riana yg ala2 memahami kerajinan aku ni.haha.nway sape2 yg berminat sila2 la tag sy yer..tgh dlm mood rajin ni..

What cloth you wearing now?

T-shirt yg ade tulis melaka..kwn bg..siap ade name sendiri kt t shirt ni.tq2.huhu

What colour is it?
dark green

When your last meet with someone you love? lor..hehehe

Do you want to meet him/her again?

What the last thing you eat?
durian...mak beli kat chow kit mlm td..adoii sedap nye..lama x mkn durian ni.

Mineral water..

Favourite food?
Tomyam, nasi ayam lemon pak li..wah teringin2!!

Favourite drinks?
Laici n jus tembikai..

Favourite colours?
Blue black

Favourite place to be?
Pulau sipadan

Favourite song?
Byk but now mcm layan ne yo - Mad n lagu sepohon kayu daun nye hijau..hahaha..ade kan lagu tu?

Are you happy with your given name?
Happy kalo nk tukar ke rosalinda perez bleh ke?..hahahaha

What is the one thing you like to do alone?
Thinking of own future life..wahh..yer2 jer..padahal slalu kalo sorg tido je keje..hahaha

What’s a major fear or yours?

Do you know anyone famous?
Yes n ramai gak org2 femes disekeliling ni..huhu

Describe your bed.
queen size..all in's choice..huhuhu..

What do you carry with you at all times?
Hp,IC,lesen n duit..

Do you prefer to stand out or blend in?
stand out

What kind of first impression do you think you give people?
Ntah..depends on people..mcm susah je soalan

Favorite communication method?
Bahasa isyarat..kui3..telephone kot..

What is your hidden talent?
terer main bola sepak..hahahha..kan???just luv it but dun have much time n chance to do it..

Do you own a Bible?
No.. i owned AL Quran..

Do you have a problem changing clothes in front of friends?
Aiman x kisah kalo satu spesis..hikhik..kalo lain2 spesis ngak boleh dong..

What should you be doing instead of this?
Clean up my room..adoii da jd mcm tongkang pecah blk..rimas2..jap lg la nk buat opss bersih ni..

Who was the last person who called you?
erhmm..mak kot sebelum tido smlm..ajak mkn durian..

Are you ready?
ready to rock the world..yeahhh..erkk..ape yg ready nye..ready utk smbg tido blk adelah..hahaha

What is the last gift you gave someone?
Erhmm...going to give a gift to someone a t-shirt..last gift?? can't remember..nmpk sgt jarang kasi org hadiah kan..hikhik

Does everything happen for a reason?

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?
erk...sgt la baik..hahaha.perasan..

Have you ever pierced your own body part or that of someone else?

Do you cry in front of your friends?
depends..slalu x la..kalo nangis dpan kwn sure dorg akan ckap suda la tu..but kalo nangis sorg2 bleh lama2 skit..dpt merasai feel nangis tu..hahaha..erkk ade feel ke time nangis..??

Would you die to save the life of someone you dearly love?
aiyoo...mybe yes mybe life worth more than anything in this world..kan bagus kalo kite ade 2 nyawa..bleh kasi kt org lain 1..hehehe

Do you have any married friends?
Ramai sgt..knapa dorg sume mcm masuk pertandingan sape cpat cepat kawin dpt sejuta?masing2 stok berlumba ni nk kawin...haha..i juga yg single mingle lg..hua3

Do you like thunderstorms?
Sgt la takut..

What was your first job?
Tido..hahahaha..adoi x pernah keje lg spjg2 hidup ni..

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you in the past week?
Mcm xde jer..everything goes smoothly..i like..

You have a crush, don’t you?

brad pit..kui3

Do you talk a lot?
depends on the environment n situation

Who was the last person you talked to in person?

What are your plans for the weekend?
x sure lg...smlm ex clasmates ade ajak buat gathering weekend ni..x tau la jd rase2 mcm nk spend time kt rumah je smbil rileks..wah lamenye x jumpa masa nk rileks2 ni..

How much money would it take for you to give up the internet for a year?
x tentu coz kt rumah ni pakai streamyx yg limited usage for if byk gune byk la byr..huhu

Where’s your ideal marriage location?
ermm..ala2 dlm taman pun ok juga..wah sweet je kan..

How long have you known your best friends?
ngak ada best friend..dulu time sekolah ade la..

What are you listening to?
bunyi kipas..hikhik

What was the last thing you laughed at?
pasal burger lana terbang time excited nk amik gmbr..hahaha..adoi lawak2..

What do you wish you were doing right now?
holiday kt pulau sipadan..ade x sape2 nk sponsor aku g holiday kt situ?jgn segan bgtau yer..hahaha

What musical instrument do you wish you could play?
violin.. u should watch sue son in Britain got talent..she's a great voilonist..kalo la bleh jd mcm die..

If you could speak any language, which language would you speak?

People I would like to tag?
min, min, min, min,min n sis abby..hahaha