Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Reading Habits of Malaysians

More than half of the 60,441 odd Malaysians surveyed read less than seven pages a day. Those 10 years and above read about two books a year! Also shocking is that most of those who read books and magazines, read less than three hours a week. The older we get, the less we read.The survey also showed that 55 per cent of those aged 10 to 24, read books, compared to 39 per cent within the 25 to 56 age bracket. Only six per cent are those aged 57 and above.

Reading is not even the favourite pastime of Malaysians as most prefer to watch television and video. The reading habit looks to be a thing of the past as the survey also unearthed the trend among the young who read only to acquire knowledge. Most Malaysians read in Bahasa Melayu, followed by English. Reading in Jawi comes third and finally, Mandarin.

About 56 per cent of the respondents of the study were city dwellers and 44 per cent rural Malaysians. Of the total number of respondents, 60 per cent were aged 10 years old and above and 99.9 per cent of them had formal education.

If based on the fact, that's actually become a very transparent reality to see that number of malaysian who loves reading is now getting lower and lower...Reasons behind it??can be varies but its actually a duty of parents as well as kids themselves to build this habit up to be as their daily routine..However an effort of parents & kids alone certainly can't be a promise for malaysian to be grown as someone who's can be called as 'ulat buku'..Why?seeking for the answer?? well its ur duty to think!!hehehe..